A Limited Number of Books Has Surfaced

BookJacketStudyturnedA limited number of books have surfaced. And while I’d like to hang on to a good number of them, I now have more than plenty to keep on file. I’d been under the impression that all the books were gone–but four cartons were discovered and delivered to me this past week. I haven’t opened the cartons yet to inventory them–but I believe there are approximately 24 books to a carton. Once those books are gone, that will be all.

I will not be reprinting An Early Work Late in Life but I’m still planning on digitizing it in the near future (when I get my act together). It has been a hectic and scattered year.  Meanwhile, If anyone would like a printed copy, please contact me through this blog–or send a check for $34 payable to: William Whiting at 223 South Delhi Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. (Note: The books are $29.95 plus $4.05 for shipping and handling.)