About Danny Allen – 1946 – 1974. A book about the art and life of Danny Allen is due out mid-March 2013.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, we believed we were living in modern times. There were no cell phones; they hadn’t been invented yet. People didn’t have home computers. Of course there were cars and television sets, but not everyone had them. America had put a man on the moon, and we thought we were a part of the future. Every generation believes they’re living in modern times, and at that conscious moment, they are. Remember: the past was once the future, and the present passes with the blink of an eye.

67713_10151278542618077_1072774_nDanny Allen was an unusually gifted artist. He committed suicide in early November of 1974, at the age of 28. My writing is a tribute in loving memory to a wonderful, quirky young man from a different era. This book tells the story of the life that Danny Allen and      I shared during the hippie years. I hope it will also serve as both an archive of Danny’s artwork and a celebration of a life that ended tragically and all too soon.

Bill Whiting, 1/5/2013

3 thoughts on “About Danny Allen – 1946 – 1974. A book about the art and life of Danny Allen is due out mid-March 2013.

    • You’re welcome, Rachael. I hope I can live up to my goals and everyone’s expectations. I was fortunate to have access to a lot of Danny’s work. I’m still looking for some pieces and certain old friends, but I might need to settle for what I’ve located. I’m hoping at the very least, that everyone, including myself, has a better understanding of Dan and the lingering questions so many of us harbor.

    • Bless you, Rachael – Your donation to the KickStarter page just pushed the funding up over the three-quarter mark towards my goal. I’m really glad my old college buddy, Michael Brisson talked me into using KickStarter. Otheerwise, the entire cost of the book project would have come out of my mortgage account. Again, thank you for you kindness and generosity.

      As I’m blogging today, new information keeps surfacing about your uncle – some of it wistful and charming. Some of it is a little hard to take and more real that I’ve been prepared for. And I’m braced for a lot of tough stuff. The book designer, editor and I decided this book will have a first edition, and we will need to draw to a deadline within the week. New info surfaced the day before yesterday, which will be included. The group decision we’ve made is this: If the book is well received, as new information surfaces and art and photographs are located, we will work on a second amended edition. It’s become clear that the act of releasing the book will put people in contact with me who I might never have known how to reach – or for that matter, known of their existence. With new information comes a more complete portrait of your uncle. If that doesn’t come to pass, I’ve done my best. Much love to you – Bill
      PS – The book cover design came in last night, and I LOVE it…!!!

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