More and More of Danny Allen’s Art is Surfacing

Danny Allen’s art always challenges the viewer. Sometimes it was lyrical, comforting and lovely—sometimes it was almost confrontational and disturbing. But that was the nature of the range of his art. Dan could abstract the face or figure, or he could faithfully adhere to standard views of the figure. But when he chose to abstract figures, he was able to breathe more mystery and personality into the art. Will all his watercolor and India ink work, there was almost never an under-sketch in pencil. Dan had kind of an Asian arts confidence when he lifted a brush full of color or ink. This is a rendering of a middle aged suburban couple. I don’t see a physical resemblance to either of his parents, but the piece was recently discovered in his late mother’s home.thumbnail_IMG_0562FemaleFaceDan MaleFaceDan

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