It’s Coming From the Vault—And Soon…!!!

The poster for 'It Came From the Vault' at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue, Rochester, New York. Opening to the general public on March, 17th, 2013.

The advertising for ‘It Came From the Vault’ at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, opening to the general public on March, 17th, 2013.

The opening of the exhibit including Danny Allen’s painting ‘Sunny Ducks’ is less than two weeks away. I’m looking forward to seeing people I haven’t laid eyes on in decades. I’m going to visit places where Dan and I once lived and see how it all compares to my memories from forty years ago. There’s something indescribably rewarding about seeing a painting done by a young man who once briefly worked as a janitor at the museum, then having his art own displayed on the walls of the very same august institution.

I received a block of tickets for the Member’s Preview in the mail today courtesy of the museum’s director, Grant Holcomb—and I wholeheartedly thanked him for his generosity. Now there are tickets in hand for members of Danny’s family, and spare tickets to share with Dan’s and my old friends. This exhibit means a great deal to a lot of people.

I love the graphics. In fact, I cracked up. Having been in any number of museum vaults over the years, speaking as a former (and seasoned) museum employee, those vaults tend to be very dark and creepy. So the startled-faced lady rings true. (Especially when you’re in the archeological storage areas, but enough about that.) Note Dan’s little painting, is on the second row to the left. For anyone in the Rochester area interested in seeing the exhibit, the information is listed below:

It Came from the Vault: Rarely Seen Works from MAG’s Collection
March 17–June 9, 2013
500 University Avenue · Rochester, NY 14607-1484
585.276.8900 · 585.473.6266

As an aside, the first one hundred and fifty books are off the press and the binding process has begun.

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