A Feather in My Cap Plus Some Additional Trimmings

Danny Allen, graphite drawing, 1972. collection of Wendy Lippman.

Danny Allen, graphite drawing, 1972. collection of Wendy Lippman.

A week from today I fly up to Rochester, New York to attend the opening of It Came From the Vault at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, which among a variety of other fascinating pieces, features one of Danny Allen’s magic realist paintings. It will also be the first time I get to hold a printed copy of my book in hand. Pretty exciting stuff!

Prior to leaving I’ve got to do something about what my house looks like, as friends are staying at my place to look after my dog, Winnie. I don’t have great eyesight, and I’ve developed an immunity/avoidance issue toward housecleaning. It occurs that my house—while always neat—is filthy! You can write your name in the dust on tabletops and hardwood floors. If I had the spare money, I’d hire someone to clean the place, as life is too short to vacuum. Or live in one. I’ve been too busy to care.

Aside from the excitement of seeing old friends gathered all in once place to celebrate the life of Danny Allen, my shallow personal dilemma is what in the world I’m going to wear. I live in jeans and T-shirts. I think I have nice pair of black pants somewhere, but there’s no guarantee they’ll fit all the way around me. Perhaps I just shouldn’t breath for the weekend. It’s not that I’m huge, but I have just tipped the scales at two hundred pounds. Sigh. Maybe a pair of black jeans are the answer, and a new hat with a feather and trimmings.

There is a story about the drawing featured this week, about who modeled for “portions” of it and the “creative” use of feathers—but I’m not sure this is the proper forum to discuss it. Rochester folks, I’ll see you in a week.

2 thoughts on “A Feather in My Cap Plus Some Additional Trimmings

  1. Oh, Beihl. The dust is a protective layer to protect your valuable furniture from scratches. Don’t disturb it.

    As far as wardrobe goes, the hat pictured would be just the thing. Or if your black pants don’t fit, take a page from Little Edie Beale’s Book of Fashion: Turn those pants upside down, get a fabulous brooch, and make them into a stunning headscarf.

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