Looking Into Funding and Distribution

BookJacketStudyAs I face the inevitable reality of paying to have a self-published book realized as a three-dimensional object people can hold in their hands, turn the pages and read; the cost factors are starting to frighten me. I’m going to look into ways of funding creative projects. It was just pointed out to me that there are websites that fund projects of various kinds through an online method. I’ve never done it before, nor have I written a book before, so everything is uncharted waters.

I once illustrated a children’s book for a known publishing imprint, and found my experience with the mainstream publishing industry to be so insane and off-putting that I ruled out ever going through a commercial publishing house ever again. Traditional publishing is going the way of the typesetter if you ask my opinion. But that still leaves me facing issues like funding and distribution.

Above is a “facsimile” of what the book will look like once completed. I’m going to have to settle for soft-cover and not hardbound with a jacket, as the cost factors are prohibitive. I also nixed doing the book in large-print which had been a very important element to me, but doing-so increased the number of pages, once again driving up the cost. I’m looking into online fundraising sites to help defer my expenses. Per usual, I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. But I never do. It’s probably better that way. More of an adventure.

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