An Image from a Private Collection & A Comparison

Scan 6cropped72

Several new pieces of artwork by Danny Allen surfaced in a collection in North Carolina. I should probably have withheld publishing this one and kept it under wraps until after the book is published, but I was too excited by it. This is a 1972 graphite drawing that Dan did utilizing white pencil to create highlights. It’s a wonderful. This is one of the most delightful pieces I’ve seen. I don’t recall it, but he did it while we were living together.


In the same collection there’s a print of a piece that was gifted to me by R. James Cromwell. This print shows what the piece looked like prior to aging before the paper yellowed. Dan had a terrible habit of using non-archival things like LePage’s mucilage glue and masking tape with his mats. But the again, some of his best drawings were done on shopping bags and discarded cardboard.

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