The Past is Taking on a Dusky, Golden Hue

Photo of fellow painter, Ramon Martinez (deceased) sitting at a table in Vermont with Danny Allen. Photo by Eva Weiss.

Photo of fellow painter, Ramon Martinez (deceased) sitting at a table in Vermont with Danny Allen. This is from a “notorious” trip to Vermont from before I met Danny.  Photo by Eva Weiss.

No, this photo wasn’t taken by Matthew Brady at the height of the Civil War. It’s Danny Allen sitting at a table with friend and fellow painter, Ramon Martinez (now deceased) in Vermont with a moose head looking on. You can see David Lortz’ leg in the background looking like Dan is springing an extra appendage.

this photo was discovered last night in a box in Susan Plunkett’s house in Rochester while my book designer, Katherine Denison was visiting. Also in the box were additional photos of Dan and a drawing he had done that Susan didn’t even know she owned. It’s brittle and damaged condition, but she’s going to take it in to be look at, scanned and access how to proceed from there in preserving it.

It seems at times as if Danny Allen is the one who’s orchestrating this entire project. Things are surfacing from out of nowhere. Friends are reconnecting and new friendships are being formed. I honestly believe something good will come from this book.

OH…!!! I nearly forgot to mention the most important thing of all. Katherine Denison has completed the galleys, and the book is breathtaking. It’s gorgeous. Her design is spot on, and I love it to pieces. She thinks there’s a way to add this newly found material without the entire design tumbling again. The book is designed in panels of four for printing purposes, and we easily have enough material for four more pages of images. I’m really excited.

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