A Follow-up to the Book Reading & Signing at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery

975922_10151467267313634_819816282_nI had a wonderful time reading excerpts from my book, An Early Work Late in Life in a very well attended auditorium at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery this past Thursday, May 16th. There was a sense of things coming around full circle. There I was as an older man, who at one time worked as the janitor at the very museum where I was giving a talk–and talking about another artist who had also briefly been a janitor at that same museum.

969930_10151370204906105_194584392_nThe management and staff of the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery could not have been more gracious, and the museum as well as the show where Danny’s painting is being displayed are both wonderful. I found myself thinking “hey Dan–your painting is hanging on the same walls in an exhibit that include artists that range from Gainsborough to Man Ray and everything in between.” Danny never in a million years might have dreamed that his work would hang in such august company. But no one better deserves that recognition and at the same time–this whole process has brought me home. The city of Rochester, New York remains a place where I’ve planted a second set of roots–and it’s more than just memories–it’s the wonderful and generious people who populate that city.

My book, An Early Work Late in Life is available through PixelPreserve for $29.95 plus shipping and handling at: http://www.pixelpreserve.net/bookstore/

A book signing is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st at 5:30pm at Giovanni’s Room, 345 South 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA. http://www.giovannisroom.com/

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