Is It A Drawing of Marlene Dietrich?

Danny Allen, blue crayone on newsprint. Perhaps a caricature of Marlene Dietrich. 1973. Private Collection.

Danny Allen, blue crayon on newsprint. Perhaps a caricature of Marlene Dietrich. 1973. Private Collection. Outside frame – 20″ x 26″.

When I first started to think about raising book funding through KickStarter, the whole idea of incentive rewards stumped me. I wasn’t about to offer coffee mugs, sweatshirts and tote-bags. A little decorum was required. But in thinking about reward incentives I was hesitant to offer one of Danny Allen’s original pieces in the mix—but something told me it would be alright. An old friend of Danny’s bid-on and secured this piece for her own personal collection—and voluntarily offered to see to it that the drawing will be provided for in the future..

This drawing is one of a little collection of Conté/litho-crayon sketches that Danny was able to confidentially dash out without so much as a false move. That sort of sure hand is not something every artist possesses (me included). I personally think this is a caricature of Marlene Dietrich—but even if it isn’t, it sure does look like her.

The art is being shipped to Rochester, New York, matted and framed. It’s in an archival, acid-free mat, and will receive a sheet of conservation clear glass (which filters out ultra violet light) once it arrives in Rochester. It currently has a temporary sheet of Plexiglas protecting it. It’s packed, padded and ready to travel. I don’t like the idea of shipping art while under glass. Glass can break causing shards to slash things to pieces while the box gets shaken six ways from Sunday during its travels. Congratulations to the lucky couple receiving this drawing. I’m especially pleased to have this very unique drawing enter this particular home—I have every confidence it will be loved and appreciated for many, many happy years to come.

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