Advance Copies Available of ‘An Early Work Late in Life’

BookJacketStudyturnedI just received ten boxes of books via UPS this afternoon. There’s barely room in my living room to accommodate all the boxes. For anyone in the Rochester area, books are available at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery–and will eventually be available through Pixel Preserve (details to follow). Meanwhile I have a limited number of book available. Anyone who’d like to purchase a copy contact me at Put the words “Sunny Ducks” in the subject heading. $34.95 includes shipping and handling. $29.95 if you live within walking distance.

An Early Work Late in Life – Facebook Fan Page:

Books are on sale at the Memorial Art Gallery’s Museum Store for $29.                  It Came from the Vault: Rarely Seen Works from MAG’s Collection

March 17–June 9, 2013 500 University Avenue · Rochester, NY 14607-1484 585.276.8900 · 585.473.6266

2 thoughts on “Advance Copies Available of ‘An Early Work Late in Life’

  1. great! i’ll be getting mine at the store. thanks!

    Marjorie B. Searl, Chief Curator Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester 500 University Avenue. Rochester, New York 14607 585.276.8978 (NEW) 585.473.6266 (fax)

    • Thank you for reminding me that I should put the MAG’s contact information on the post. I’ve referred several people to the MAG to buy copies. I need to contact Colleen to see how the book is selling.

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