A printout of the book cover. With some minor tweaks, this is pretty much what the book will look like---front, back and spine.

A printout of the book cover. With some minor tweaks, this is pretty much what the book will look like—front, back and spine. I’m keeping the image small at this juncture.

I received the galleys for the book today…!!! I know what my weekend is going to be devoted to doing – looking for typos (something I’m famous for creating) and checking for changes. I met with my editor this afternoon and mapped out a strategy to attack this phase of the book in a way that will cause the least amount of crazy-making for the book designer.

The book looks incredible, and the quality of the images is wonderful. I still owe a balance to my editor, and will be facing invoices for design, printing, binding and distribution. As of today I still have 12 more days left on on KickStarter page to help defray my expenses, so don’t hold back if you’ve got any interest in contributing. Any amount is helpful.

So after allowing myself to relax this evening, I’m going galley-ho at checking for changes and modifications. I need to have some printed books in hand roughly one month from today if I want to have copies ready for the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. Yikes….

My kitchen table work station. Ready to go. I'm still caging around preparing to dig in.

My kitchen table work station. Ready to go. I’m still caging around preparing to dig in.

5 thoughts on “Galley-ho…!!!

    • It’s wonderfully satisfying, Rachael. The curious thing about writing a book (at least from my perspective) is once the book is written and edited, THEN the work begins. It’s like having a baby, and just as your taking a deep breath of relief, discovering you’re actually having twins. I look forward to getting that copy into your hands.

    • Hey Marilyn – A number of Philadelphians have read the final edited version – I don’t think people are placating me, but everyone seems to love the book. I’m told parts of it make them laugh out loud and remember the eccentricity of the era – making people who never even knew Dan, all the more moved by the loss of him. People are comparing his art to Egon Shiele – which is high praise. Their work doesn’t look alike, it merely evokes similar emotional responses. BTW – Thank you and everyone for your KickStarter contributions.

      • Thanks Bill, for your prompt reply—-I knew and loved my Danny from the time he was a young—very young –boy–then man—He was my paper-boy—baby-sitter, and he confided to me his deepest thoughts—He holds a special part in my heart—I’m certain Christine told you that he did a portrait of our five children–We figured he was 18 yrs old at the time—-Chris took pictures of it a few months ago—I applaud you for this fantastic effort—Nobody like my Danny—–EVER—

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