Fundraiser Project for the Book

4th revision mastheadFBHere is the preview link for my fundraising project to help finance my book, ‘An Early Work Late in Life’ due out in spring of 2013. KickStarter allows me to offer incentives to people who chose to donate to my project to help meet my financial goals. I may add additional incentives as they become available. Fundraising is for this project has a $12,000 goal and will only be open for a 30 day period. Click on the link below for details.

The book project itself is not entirely on schedule due to access to new information about the life of Danny Allen, as well as access to previously unlocated examples of Dan’s artwork that has just surfaced and been made available for the book. All these changes have put the book designer (understandably) behind regarding the original schedule. Digital galleys were supposed to be ready yesterday (1/26/13) but there was no reasonable way to hold her to that date given all the unforseen developments that have transpired. With modifications comes reasonable cost increases. So I have decided to join to help raise money for the project. Here’s hoping.


This project has already made a significant impact on more lives than my own. I had the pleasure of having a lengthy long-distance telephone conversation with Danny’s brother, Lee yesterday, and learned even more about the mysterious Danny Allen. There is a lot of love in this project, and Danny’s neice, Rachael created this assemblage for her Aunt Christine, who is Dan’s sister, and was only nine or ten years old when Danny died. We may not find all the answers in this book, but it won’t be for the lack of trying. Rachael, congratulations on a job well done with your framed assemblage pictured below. I know your Aunt Christine will treasure this remarkable and thoughtful gift forever.




2 thoughts on “ Fundraiser Project for the Book

  1. So wonderful to pop on here and see the frame! I made one for my own home after starting to read your blog about a year ago. I agree, your project has opened doors to things that our family never knew, and has changed me as a person, and given me a sense of a relationship with an uncle that I never had the pleasure of knowing. Very proud to be a part of it all. Thanks Bill.

    • You’re so welcome Rachael, and I love your assemblage. Dan would have loved it too. Your uncle’s family and friends have all had a hole in their hearts for decades. When Sarah Gerin uncovered that little painting and contacted me, I felt oddly guided toward doing the only logical thing: turn the memory of Danny’s life into art. Dan was all about art. Art was, and remains his essence.

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