Graphite Bonanza


I’ve located two prime graphite drawings by Danny Allen, and a watercolor, all owned by Dan’s and my mutual friend, Wendy Lippman, now living in North Carolina. Wendy and I reconnected and she’s sending me high quality scans on disc via FedEx. I can’t wait to see them, as she’s included some snapshots of friends from the old days. We had a great phone conversation.

I also had a remarkable telephone conversation with Danny’s sister, Jacklyn who provided this early graphite drawing from 1967 showing an ideal ‘Mod’ woman with the Carnaby Street look so popular in the 1960s. The model is of no particular known person. It could have been drawn from a fashion photo or entirely made-up out of Dan’s photographic memory. The piece is graphite on dark cardboard. The graphite pieces yet to arrive are less realism, and more surrealism for the lack of a better term.

I’m still trying to contact a woman named Ruth Cohen of Rochester, New York, who I’m told has prime examples of Danny’s graphite drawings from the surreal period. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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